The next generation of high performance LED modules

Building on the lighting technology of its predecessor the next generation Hero XP LED range delivers improved power, performance and colour rendering. Combining exceptional quality, technology and innovation the Hero XP range has expanded in scope offering complete lighting solutions for indoor architectural applications.


LED Technology

Precision engineered for optimal efficiency, Hero XP modules utilise the latest LED technology from leading LED manufacturer Nichia to ensure that Hero XP LED modules are able to achieve efficiencies up to 125 lumens/watt delivered light output.


Thermal Management

Hero XP LED modules have been engineered together with state-of-the-art power supplies. These power supplies have been specially designed with an inbuilt thermal management system that processes thermal feedback from the LED engine. In the event that high ambient temperatures cause the LED module to exceed its safe operating temperature this system will automatically reduce power, maintaining maximum possible light output while protecting the life span of the LED ensuring up to L90 64,000hrs.

Quick Connect

Allowing for quick and easy installation, Hero XP LED engines are equipped with a 4-pin connector to connect the LED module directly to the driver. No tools are required for installation, simply plug and play. The easy quick connect system also allows for easy driver upgrades or changes between dimming protocols.

Lensed Optics

Utilising the latest LED lens technology, Hero XP engines produce precise, even beam distributions with soft edges to ensure glare control and uniformity of light. Hero XP engines are available with an 18º, 24º, 36º or 60º lens which can be easily interchanged to alter the beam angle.


Superior Colour Quality

Even with their outstanding efficiency, Hero XP engines utilise LEDs with a high colour rending index of 90 and above, accurately rendering a larger spectrum of colours to deliver purity of colour and better quality of light. Hero XP COB LEDs use advanced binning technologies, ensuring a constant and consistent white across the life span of the LED engine.


Interchangeability & Versatility

Hero XP LED engines have been specifically engineered as a modular family. All versions share an identical face plate and utilise a simple twist lock mechanism allowing for easy installation and interchangeability on site. The Hero XP’s modular design means that all engines are compatible with the entire range of INLITE downlights and soon to be expanded lighting fixtures. This combined with the interchangeability of lenses and the quick connect plugs for drivers completes INLITE’s signature modular lighting system STARR and ensures the maximum life span of all components of the product.

Hero XP LED engines are the perfect solution for a multitude of interior architectural applications. In addition to being compatible with the complete range of INLITE downlights, modules are available in three wattages 9W, 12W, 18W and in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures. This level of versatility helps to achieve a consistent aesthetic as well as ensuring consistent light colour and quality throughout a project. All Hero XP LED modules are dimmable via Phase or DALI protocols.



Hero XP LED modules are designed to achieve maximum life span on all components. At end of life all Hero XP components are fully recyclable.

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