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Enhancing the outdoor experience, the Frax projector collection has been specifically designed by Delta Light to illuminate urban architecture of any form, material and composition.


LED Caset Technology

Frax utilises Delta Light’s LED Caset technology which combines multiple LED’s, each fitted with an individual collimator lens. This individual lens technology generates a clean-cut light distribution, delivering a narrow and focused 8º or 14º beam angle.


Beam Distributions and Lighting Effects

With its seven different light distributions (8º, 14º, 26º, 47º, wallwash, elliptical vertical and horizontal), Frax is the ultimate projector. To achieve the 26º or 47º beam versions a micro lens has been added to the 14º base model. Micro lenses are also used to sculpt the light to generate the wallwash, as well as the horizontal and vertical elliptical versions.


Frax is available in a small ‘S’ or medium ‘M’ version with a fixing base as well ‘SB’ versions that can be combined with a range of mounting accessory options.


Easy Installation & Visual Well-being

In addition to an extensive range of optical possibilities, the Frax collection also offers a range of mounting options for easy installation. Frax can be installed on a pin for installations in gardens and landscaping or on a strap or bracket accessory.

Frax can also be fitted with a honeycomb lens or hood (Kap) accessory to reduce glare and provide visual comfort.


Made for the Outdoors

Frax is designed for the outdoors and to withstand harsh exterior elements, with a high IP65 rating, moisture lock and UV-resistant components. Frax is also fitted with thermally toughened glass resulting in an IK06 rating for Frax S and an IK08 rating for Frax M.

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