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The shortlist is in!!……………….. Out of the 523 projects submitted world wide 2 Australian projects have made the top 20 shortlist! A big congratulations to Steensen & Varming and Adam Kane Architects! Steensen & Varming are 1 of the 5 finalists in The Architectural Outdoor Lighting category with their Australian War Memorial Project. Adam Kane Architects are 1 of the 5 finalists in The Indoor Lighting category with their Blackwood Studio project. Both parties will take part in the Awards Ceremony in Barcelona in June!


Australian War Memorial – Steensen & Varming

The Lighting design follows the Lighting Masterplan, developed in 2007/2008 which sets an overall lighting strategy and concept for the Australian War Memorial grounds throughout various stages of implementation. At the core of the lighting concept is a scheme of hierarchical lighting which reflects the prominence of the architectural components, developed in conjunction with JPW Architects.

The project demonstrates a thoughtful approach that respects and applies darkness equally to light, creating a place for exploration as well as quiet reflection, allowing visitors to take in and understand the solemnity of the space.


The building is enhanced with respectful lighting scheme which strikes a balance between the subtle and commemorative lighting language, respectful of the buildings narrative, and the dramatic enhancement of its position as one of the world’s great national monuments.

Lighting, enhancing key elements of the purpose, history, heritage and architectural form of the building and embraces darkness at the same time, equally respecting the night sky and surrounding environment.

Utilising concealed sources, light radiates from the inside out, coming through stained glass windows, the gate, and other openings, symbolising the heart of the building and creating a night time image to emphasise the space’s meaning. The importance of the dome is intensified by lighting – precisely aimed and careful beam control – that enhances shape and material through striking contrast at night time making a respectful impression even when competing with daylight.

The inner courtyard houses the Roll of Honour, featuring engraved names of the fallen. Names projected in light on the facade create a personal and intimate connection for visitors who have sent loved ones to war. The Eternal Flame’s warm glow is balanced by sensitively adjusted lighting levels, bathing the courtyard in a soft uniform glow from within cloistered walkways.


Blackwood Studio – Adam Kane Architects

Located in regional Victoria, Australia, the Blackwood Studio project was designed as two separate structures positioned around the existing home to create a sense of ‘community’ between the structures.

The building forms (garage and studio) are rural in nature with their gable roofs, referencing the typical historic barn forms. With unnecessary ornamentation stripped facades, the interiors are complemented with stripped back minimal white aesthetic.


Used as a painting studio / gallery space these pristine white spaces are enhanced with the integrated LED strip light at the ceiling’s ridge which was designed to mimic a thin slice of sunlight, whilst providing a wide spread of functional diffused light. The light’s integration within the ceiling was also able to enhance the clean and strong conceptual aesthetic, devoid of light fixtures, whilst adding a sense of volume to the relatively small floor area.

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