Platek: Full Dry System


Platek’s Full-Dry system is used in recessed products and consists of a resin coating of the cable entry area, preventing condensation inside the luminaire. The area where the external and internal cables are connected is embedded in resin to prevent the ingress of moisture, even under critical conditions, e.g. when the light cools down after being switched off. This is why Platek appliances come with their own power cables to prevent error during installation.

The full-dry system guarantees:

- IP68 protection rating

- prevention of the formation of condensation inside the glass when the appliance is switched off

Platek makes highly resistant fittings that are guaranteed to work for a long time in even the harshest of conditions. This is the result of the philosophy of a company that aims to add to functionality, flexibility and performance the equally important element of durability. A guarantee seen not only as an assured operation and added value through time, but also as a necessary complement to sources of artificial light in different climates and settings.

To achieve this result Platek uses materials featuring excellent mechanical and functional properties (die-cast aluminium, which is lightweight yet performs brilliantly) and high resistance (AISI 316 stainless steel and bronze). The materials also undergo special processes to enhance their chemical resistance (anodisation, zinc-plating, chroming) and mechanical resistance (hardening and tempering). Platek uses electrical components supplied by leading manufacturers to ensure the utmost performance in terms of engineering and long life.


Delta Light: Pannonhalma Monastery


Speirs + Major have designed a simple, sensitive and flexible lighting scheme for the 13th Century Benedictine Basilica of Pannonhalma Monastery, as a key contributor in John Pawson’s restoration team.

Following centuries of religious and political upheavals and consequent architectural intervention, Pawson’s scheme set out to pare back selected elements from within the heart of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site. In so doing they sought to restore a sense of volumetric and architectural integrity. The layout has been addressed to better support the celebration of the liturgy, as well as rationalising and simplifying materials and furniture for visual clarity and functional coherence.

The design of the lighting was considered essential to the success of the project both for physical reasons – to adequately illuminate the different areas of the altered layout – and more importantly for liturgical reasons – to aid in creating the right ambience to support the rigorous focus of contemplative life, and to concentrate attention in only those areas relevant to the celebration of a particular liturgy. The lighting scheme has provided much needed flexibility between these two requirements.

At the top of the pillars Delta Light’s Credo was used as a wall-mounted, discrete downlight for low glare general illumination.

INLITE: MCG Smart Stadium Upgrade commences


Stage one of the Melbourne Cricket Ground smart stadium upgrade is now under construction. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest sports stadium in the southern hemisphere and the foremost sporting arena in Australia. The MCG is home to international and local cricket as well as AFL football and many other sporting, music and cultural events. Designed by NDY Light and supplied and programmed by Inlite using products from Traxon Technologies and E:Cue, the Smart Stadium façade lighting upgrade is an installation which will transform the night time appearance of the MCG, by using coloured illumination to create visible theming of the stadium and showcase the colours of competing sporting teams.

The installation includes:

More than 60 Four Head LED floodlights to illuminate the upper façade of the stadium and feature areas of the entry gates on the Great Southern Stand.

More than 750m of Media Tube direct view addressable Linear LED profiles to create visual effects at each of the 7 entry gates around the stadium.

More than 500m of Nanoliner Allegro DMX Addressable Linear LED Floodlights to illuminate feature areas of the façade on the Northern Stand

Dot XL Individually Addressable LED modules to backlight each of 7 freestanding information ‘Totems’ outside each of the entry gates.

The installation is controlled using an E:Cue networked DMX control system, which distributes lighting control on a Fibre Optic network which connects all of the smart lighting. A central server in the MCG control room with a custom touch screen interface is used to select from a range of preprogrammed Scenes.

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