The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest sports stadium in the southern hemisphere and the foremost sporting arena in Australia. The MCG is home to international and local cricket as well as AFL football and many other sporting, music and cultural events. Designed by NDY Light and supplied and programmed by Inlite using products from Traxon Technologies and E:Cue, the Smart Stadium façade lighting upgrade is an installation which has transformed the nighttime appearance of the MCG, by using illumination to create visual theming of the stadium and showcase the colours of competing sporting teams.


The installation includes:

Traxon Shield AC Extend – Four Head LED floodlights which uplight each bay of the upper stadium off-form concrete ‘plats’. Each bay can be individually tuned to a chosen colour. This provides a ring of illumination around the stadium, which is visible even from distant vantage points of Melbourne. Shield AC Extend floodlights are also used to illuminate vertical walls adjacent to the entry gates on the Great Southern Stand.

More than 750m of Media Tube direct view addressable Linear LED profile to create visual effects at each of the 7 entry gates around the stadium. Media Tube is installed in horizontal bands adjacent to each of the gates on both the Northern and Southern stands. Media Tube is addressable in small segments along it’s length, allowing it to display visual cues which represent the different AFL, and other sporting teams.


More than 500m of Nanoliner Allegro DMX Addressable Linear LED Floodlights which are installed in horizontal arrays on the sunshade structures above the gates on the Northern Stand. These are addressable in segments, allowing the sunshades to be illuminated in contrasting colours.

Dot XL Individually Addressable LED modules to backlight each of 7 freestanding information ‘Totems’ outside each of the entry gates. The way finding Totems utilise Dot XL modules to backlight the large gate numbers which are located on the upper part of these structures. This allows these information beacons to echo the same theme colours as the main stadium lighting.

The installation is controlled using an E:Cue networked DMX control system, which distributes lighting control on a Fibre Optic network which connects all of the smart lighting. A central server in the MCG control room with a custom touch screen interface is used to select from a range of preprogrammed Scenes. In addition, custom software allows the MCG to import the sporting fixture in spreadsheet format, which is read by the control system to determine the lighting scenes required on any given evening.


Bow House, Edwards Moore


The considered affinity between the strong lines and angles of Bow House is a fine example of Edwards Moore and their ability to produce a project of absolute resolution. Located in the humming inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond, the site finds itself where a single story brick cottage once lay.


The brief was to forge a modest 3 bedroom family house for an active young family, providing them with increased living and kitchen spaces, connectivity and maximising available natural light.


An imminent apartment development to the northern boundary meant limiting access to any natural light from the north side. Edwards Moore’s inherent capacity to ‘think outside the box’ saw them embrace it by building a tall wall set at the height of house’s eventual neighbour. The wall wraps around and drops expressively giving the house its signature bow shape.


Echoing the bow’s contour, the clean angles of the alabaster raked ceilings called for illumination that could establish a customised dialogue with its environment.

You-turn Opto 20

Delta Light You-turn Opto 20

You-turn On Reo AD

Delta Light You-turn On Reo AD

The elimination of internal walls throughout the space was to further Edwards Moore’s vision to convey continuity between zones of the home. The vast pitched ceilings and the bold slices of varied floors untraditionally define the ‘rooms’ of Bow House.


The services are neatly integrated down the spine of the north wall. The clever use of operable walls and multi-functional joinery allows for change as the family and their needs begin to develop and grow. Maintaining the tidy aesthetic, Edwards Moore used a combination of KLUS profile to unify the interior.


KLUS Micro Alu Profile



Delta Light: Reo Family Evolution


The Reo Evolution… The Reo family one of Delta Light’s classic series has been expanded in the new Lighting Bible 11, with the addition of both the Mini Reo and Grand Reo. These new additions mean that this family of LED recessed down-lighters can now provide a wider spectrum of recessed LED solutions where a range of lumen outputs are required but where a uniform design aesthetic is to be achieved.

The smaller addition to the family is the Mini Reo (fixed), Mini Reo OK (adjustable) and Mini Reo X (IP), coming in 2700K, 3000K as standard, or 4000K on request, CRI > 80, all black or all white finish, and gold (Mini Reo) with optical accessory options for the non IP versions.


The Classic Reo remains unchanged with all the classic versions still available, however, there has been the exciting addition of Soft Dim. Soft Dim is a new LED technology which when dimmed down becomes warmer in colour temperature exactly like a Halogen Lamp ranging from 2700K-1800K. Combined with the REO’s performance, detailed aesthetics it truly does make the perfect design choice as a “true halogen replacement”.


The Grand Reo as the name suggests is the bigger addition to the family and with an aperture of ø120 (fixed) and lumen outputs of up to 2592lm this is a commercial sized downlight. Coming in both a fixed (Grand Reo) and adjustable (Grand Reo OK) version, it is available in 2700K, 3000K as standard with 4000K on request. CRI > 80 and > 90 as standard with CRI > 97 on request. A choice of an all black or white finish, optional to that, a contrast of white trim and black baffle. Optical accessories available for both versions.


“The Reo collection of LED recessed down-lighters is not only a complete solution but with the smooth rounded style and articulate detail, it’s a collection that compliments the most refined architectural spaces”.

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