“Humming Puppy was born from a desire to follow my passion for teaching yoga and inspire those who thought that yoga maybe wasn’t for them, and was only for hippies. Chris and I also wanted to present yoga in a way that was unlike anything in the industry, and provide our students with an experience that thought about their every need,” says Co-founder, Jackie Alexander.


The studio designed by Karen Abernethy in collaboration with Louisa Macleod is located in the inner city suburb Redfern, which has been undergoing a large urban transformation. Positioned in an existing old Victorian warehouse, this yoga studio feels like a sanctuary, an escape away from the busy streets below.

All the original, elegant bones of the building such as the high ceilings, timber beams and brick walls have been kept and left exposed, so there is a strong connection to the buildings past.


You access the studio via a flight of stairs, which take you to the first floor where the reception and bathrooms are located. Here a neutral, white palette has been chosen. The original floors have been finished white and the brick walls whitewashed, softening their rawness. The many large original windows let in an abundance of natural light and have been framed by floor to ceiling, white flowing drapes. The result is a tranquil, spiritual space, a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle.


Inserted into the original shell of the building are new, modern elements such as the angled screen you see as you enter level one. The screen, which is lined with dichroic coloured filters looks like a jewel within the space, glimmering and changing colour as you move around it.


The bathroom/change-rooms are located on the other side of the staircase. The floor to ceiling black walls inserted into the space here, divide the rooms and give a sense of grandeur and depth. The round cylindrical basin and water pipe further enhance the spiritual feel of the space. The palette here has been kept neutral and monochromatic, in keeping with overall design.


The white palette transitions to black in the Yoga studio, which is located on the level above. The whitewashed walls are left but the ceiling and plywood flooring has been finished black and the windows framed with black flowing floor to ceiling drapes. You would think the boldness of the black would take away from the calmness of the space, but it is quite the opposite. The space is stronger but still feels tranquil and calm. The result is an immersive experience, from the moment you enter.


The lighting throughout the space has been kept minimal as the many large windows allows for an abundance of natural light, during the day. Inlite Tuba II Surface spots have been used throughout the space for general lighting.


On level one a white finish was chosen in keeping with the palette. The spots have been placed between the raw exposed beams, concealing them from most angles.

In the Yoga studio the black was chosen and the fittings become an extension of the ceiling and black beams.


A big congratulations to Karen Abernethy for taking out the Social Space Award at this years INDE Awards for Humming Puppy! It is a truly beautiful social space.



The new Expedia offices in Sydney, are home to the many teams that come under the Expedia family of brands.


A special thank you to Nicole Phillips, Senior Designer at Gensler for sharing the project brief with Inlite.

Architect – Gensler

Electrical Engineer – Aston Consulting

Construction – FDC Construction

Photographer – Marco Jacobs


Being a passionate, innovative and enterprising business, the Expedia group decided it was time for their uniquely branded teams, all located across three different sites in Sydney, to come together under the one roof. Gensler, the design team, were asked to create a fun, casual and colourful workplace with space to entertain clients and hotel partners and amenities which would bring people together.


A central marketplace is the key social zone, drawing all of the teams together, surrounded by flexible workspace with lots of enclosed meeting rooms as well as plenty of informal collaborative areas. The Expedia teams enjoy social gatherings, with food and coffee being an integral part of their days, and the sounds of competitive ping-pong tournaments can frequently be heard!


Gensler focused the design on this social, cultural aspect and developed a strong story for the business about the experience of travel. For some people the travel experience is all about escaping to the outdoors and enjoying beautiful landscapes. For some it’s about visiting new cities and exploring hidden laneways and cafés and bars. For others, it’s all about the food: where to eat, what to eat and experiencing the amazing flavours of different cultures. All the floors of Expedia’s new Sydney workplace each have a unique story behind them utilising these three themes, all connected with an incredible timber and cement render interconnecting staircase, flanking a vast cement rendered wall with greenery draping from existing structural beams.


The amazing concrete rendered staircase is the yellow timber road connecting the floors. The illumination of the golden tones of the timber makes the staircase glow. To highlight and the glass panelling and illuminate the timber flooring warm white LED flex was used with the Klus POR profile installed in the underside of the stainless steel handrail.


Klus POR Profile


Delta Light LEDFLEX

The reception welcomes visitors with a sense of arrival to a boutique hotel, with lush greenery, colourful wall coverings, and rattan and cane furniture for a holiday vibe.


Rather then illuminating the space with an even wash of light, a more dramatic lighting design was incorporated throughout the breakout areas, using spots of light to highlight and enhance the strong material and colour palette. Delta Light iMax downlights were fitted throughout the reception area creating visual pools of light throughout the space and a subtle play between light and shadow.


Delta Light iMax

The top floor breakout area reflects a farmer’s market with booth seating and framework inspired by market stalls. The café, branded “Mr. Picollo”, is a haven of subway wall tiles, timber floor and wall cladding, and most importantly, Expedia’s genuine barista style coffee machine, where staff will gather for those most important coffee moments throughout the day.


The middle floor is inspired by the hidden laneways travel theme, with a slightly grittier aesthetic including cobblestone flooring, brick wall cladding, vintage style street art and vintage travel posters fixated to cement rendered walls.


To enhance the grittier aesthetic and the theme of laneways, the lighting design on this level utilises shadows. The strong use of shadow creates hidden corners and private working booths, while the select spots of light highlight bold features such as the greenery and vintage posters. The main circulation areas are illuminated with Delta Light Maxi Spy Trackspots. The cobblestone flooring within this area heightens the contrast between the pools of light and the surrounding shadow creating a sense of drama and intrigue.


Delta Light Maxi Spy Trackspot

Lastly, the first level embraces an Australian outdoor holiday with The Lawn, an open welcoming area with artificial turf and outdoor style furniture where lots of staff can gather comfortably for presentations, movie nights or other social events. The Playground games area and The Bar are also on this floor, complete with a beer keg and ovens for cook-off competitions, ensuring it will be a popular destination for staff to enjoy long into the future of Expedia.


The contrast of light and shadow is carried through onto this level with the continuation of Delta Light Maxi Spy’s highlighting the outdoor lawn area and games area, while the bench area is illuminated with an even wash of light from the Inlite Megalum Evo Downlights. Megalum Evo RS


Inlite Megalum Evo RS

An amazing project, a big congratulations to all parties involved and what lucky Expedia staff!

Delta Light Milan Design Week


Mixing architecture, light and experience – Mirrored facades, 3D-images and minimal colours. Delta Light submerged visitors in a wonderful journey!

For Milan Design Week, Delta Light turned the surroundings of the historic Palazzo Crivelli into a monumental lighting installation. Brand new products were displayed in a conceptual setting, including designs by architects OMA, lighting designer Dean Skira and artist/designer Arik Levy. On top of that, a line-up of inspiring lectures and talks took place in the lush palazzo garden, including speakers like Snøhetta, CF Møller and AABE, all of whom are related to signature Delta Light projects around the world.


With 25,000 visitors coming from 130 countries the temporary Milan installation proved to be a huge success.The installations unobtrusive approach to the site highlighted the inherent characteristics of the environment, focusing on the juxtaposition between the palazzo’s baroque elements and the modern architectural lighting displays.

As guests entered the palazzo’s courtyard they were met by a black tunnel connecting the courtyard with the historical building and its sprawling 2500m² garden. The tunnel led visitors through a series of installations that featured mirrored facades, colourful 3D videos and architectural lighting effects, this combined with the minimalistic use of colour and materials resulted in a very unique and multisensory experience.


New in-house designed collections

/ Superloop

The new Superloop family is an extensive range of slim circular and square shapes, offering a multitude of illumination options. Superloop allows you to choose ‘functional’, by mounting adjustable Spy modules on the round or square shaped base. It allows you to choose ‘decorative’, by mounting the light emitting circle in a horizontal way, or it allows you to choose ‘eye catcher’, by hanging the circle of light vertically, as a statement.


Superloop circular light has the ability to diffuse light around the ring. The loop can be hung using steel cables, based in one fixation point or multiple suspension points, or from a steel rod suspending the ring from the air. Superloop is also available in a round or square shape with a Delta Light custom engineered 48V low voltage track on the inside. This allows you to position and move light modules, offering maximum flexibility and allowing you to meet any need of the project.


/ Splitline Magnetic

Splitline Magnetic is the newest member of the versatile Splitline profile family. The Splitline M allows for even more dynamics and personalisation. Depending on what the space needs, it is possible to add, remove or adjust luminaries whenever and wherever needed. Based on a plug & play approach, there is no need for complex technical intervention. Just switch, take and place.

Inside the Magnetic Splitline you can play with an extensive range of discrete or decorative modules. Tweeter has developed to become one of the most iconic families in the Delta Light collection, and can now also be combined with the Splitline. Same goes for the Gibbo suspension – featuring a transparent, opal or amber handblown globe – or the brand-new slender Microspy suspensions.


/ Polesano by Dean Skira

Polesano by Dean Skira is a new concept in lighting instruments designed specifically for an urban setting, be that a pedestrian walkway, park, square or landscape. It provides total flexibility for the designer to create their own set of optic characteristics, whilst keeping the same aesthetic for the entire design regardless of the area. Its modularity and flexibility allows the designer to create their own unique set of luminaires. Delta Light have already confirmed the next step in the development of the range which will be to integrate elements, such as video surveillance, Wi-Fi, speakers or other IoT units, within the existing form “device”.


/ Butler by Arik Levy

Arik Levy presents new additions to the Butler collection. The inspiration for the Butler collection was a coincidence of different elements and a physical metaphor. On one hand, it’s a re-interpretation of a well-known archetype, the classic lamp shade as we have known it for many years. The coincidental element came from Arik cycling through Paris years ago, passing by a big pile of folded paper, used to create the well-known plissé fashion classics.

Butler strap is versatile movable fitting that can be adapted to any vertical surface, trees, pillars, architecture or anything else we can wrap its strap around.


Butler Chandelier is an unique outdoor chandelier. The lights are set in to a smart profile that carries the electricity and holds the light heads like a crown in the air; its weight acting as a self-balanced core. The chadelier will “warm up” the space and give it the feeling of a castle or the home even if we have no ceiling.


All these exciting collections + more will be officially launched with the release of the Lighting Bible 12 later this month. Stay tuned!

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