Martini Light: HOOP


HOOP is the premium commercial downlight family from Martini Light, featuring the exclusive HD Retina LED module in addition to a comprehensive set of high performance modules in various colour temperatures, lumen packages, and CRI options.



The HOOP series features a high performance aluminium optic made of planar circular facets framed in convex square sections to achieve uniform distribution and maximum visual comfort on worktops and circulation areas. The reflector construction of high vacuum metalised aluminium ensures controlled luminance for use in VDU (visual display unit) workspaces, with the faceted optic achieving UGR <19, controlling the light distribution with optimal performance. All HOOP models include as standard an extra-clear transparent methacrylate screen for optimal lumen maintenance and IP44 protection.


25W / 40W / 50W

2950°K / 3000°K / 4000°K

CRI 80 / CRI 90 / CRI 97 / MCRI 97

1600lm / 2130lm / 2460lm / 3260lm / 3285lm / 3550lm / 4375lm / 5025lm delivered

25W and 50W LED arrays are available in neutral white (4000K) and warm white (3000K) in CRI >80 or Warm White (2950K) in CRI 97.

40W LED arrays are available in neutral white (4000K) and warm white (3000K) in CRI >80.

25W and 50W HD Retina LED modules are warm white (soft) and feature MCRI 97.



HOOP is constructed with a die-cast aluminium body, metalised aluminium optics, a tempered glass screen and steel springs. Finish is a satin white powdercoated trim.



A heat sensor positioned on top of the heat sink protects the LED module by switching off the luminaire if it should overheat. HOOP is delivered complete with fixed output control gear, with optional 1-10V or DALI control.

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Martini Light: HD Retina LED


HD Retina is a high definition LED that saturates, in a perfectly balanced fashion, both warm and cold colours at the same time, making them pleasant on the human eye and giving them their natural colour. This is why this type of LED is well-suited to multiple areas of application and – in particular – has been designed for all general lighting situations in which different colour objects need to be illuminated all together in a single ambiance.

We normally say that it is sunlight which gives ideal visual comfort, but in actual fact this is not the case, because even bright sunlight tends to distort colour. The idea was therefore first to define a natural light that can be considered ideal on the eye and then to construct a source able to replicate that light in a closed environment. Research and experiments have shown that the light considered ideal in terms of visual comfort and giving a faithful representation of colour is that which our eye perceives “at dawn and at dusk”, when the source par excellence – the sun – illuminates them indirectly, with a colour temperature of between 3,500 K and 3,700 K.

Apart from the quality of light effectively perceived, the innovation is a different, but equally real, perspective with which to consider colour. Colour, in fact, is not a physical characteristic of objects, but rather the result of the visual perception of the light that illuminates them. It is the human eye that reconstructs colours on the basis of a source that illuminates them and recognises the different shades. On the other hand, when we look at an object and recall it to our memory, that object will always be associated with a single, unique colour, which we recognise as familiar and perceive as its “real”, or “ideal” colour, which is, in actual fact, that associated with the objects in an ideal context of the natural light of dawn and dusk.

This is, therefore, very briefly, the innovative heart achieved by HD Retina LED: technology able to make colours true to those the memory associates with familiar objects, with excellent colour saturation, making an unprecedented result possible with any artificial light source.

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Delta Light: Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke (BE)


Guy Pieters started his career over 30 years ago in Knokke, a Belgian seaside resort, where he now owns two galleries in addition to those in Saint-Martens-Latem, Saint-Paul de Vence and Paris. Recently he opened a new gallery in Knokke to house fascinating solo exhibitions as well as showing established works of art. According to Guy Pieters the work of a gallery owner has over the years, been completely transformed. Consequently the gallery’s dynamism also shows through the organisation of exhibitions outside its walls, and through the collaboration with museums and cultural institutions in the region.

Delta Light has created a lighting scheme for the new Knokke gallery centred around the iconic new Superdome fittings released at Light+Build 2014, creating zones throughout the space with their volume, framing individual pieces and orientating the visitor through the gallery. Directional Grid in HP LED down lights provide accent illumination of individual works.


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