Design: Decorum / Inline Interiors / Photography: Lucas Jarvis / Lighting played an important role in the overall design of Grew & Co. In order to achieve clean architectural lines, linear lighting was utilised to illuminate joinery and ceiling coffers. Slender aluminium profiles were recessed beneath shelving and mounted within the ceiling coffers, providing uniform and diffused illumination. Downlights with a small trim provide general illumination throughout the space, whilst track lighting was selected for its adjustability and functionality to illuminate the workshop. Elegant low profile wall lights and decorative pendants finished in gold, add a touch of luxury to the store. All lighting fixtures are CRI >90, delivering high-quality illumination to enhance and accurately replicate the vibrant colours and details of the jewellery pieces on display. // Products Featured: Ivela Miniperfetto Base / Klus Regulor Profile / INLITE Tuba II Track / Klus 45-Alu Profile

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