Ashfield Residence


A holistic approach and careful articulation of a myriad of details has seen the successful execution of a period home extension by Bellwood. With the brief to provide a modern extension that was both sympathetic to the home’s heritage context and the existing building, the father daughter team of master cabinetmaker and interior designer were able to provide integrated solutions for simple yet considered buildability. The concept, material and lighting selection are minimal; a timeless palette of timber, natural stone, white walls and recessed wall washing led lighting in conjunction with polished concrete floors which anchor the design. Joinery throughout the old and new sections has received special attention owing to the desirable collaboration of designer and cabinetmaker from initial concept phase through to completion. A minimal design solution leaves no room for error. The interior design methodology was therefore focused around hands-on problem solving at both macro and micro levels at all project stages while still maintaining the capacity for freedom of expression. An example of this approach was in the design and construction of the marble island bench which has been brought to life seamlessly by internal lighting using KLUS Micro ALU profile. Bellwood researched, designed and co-ordinated the construction of the bench from start to finish working in collaboration with all key trades including a mock-up of the lighting effects achieved behind the specific stone used. Bellwood project managed the process and ensured communication between electrical contractor, stone mason, joiner and solid surface manufacture to ensure the client’s vision came to fruition without compromising the design or various relationships with the trades. In the traditional end of the house, joinery wardrobe doors provide an element of surprise as they reveal an en-suite bathroom tucked away behind. Intelligent joinery also conceals all USB and power points behinds the backs of the vanity drawers and seamless Femtoline 25 LED Profile luminaires by Delta Light attached to the vanity mirrors.  Handcrafted modern oak doors act as a junction between old and new with the traditional timber floor transitioning to a heated, white polished concreted slab. Tucked beneath this platform is a high-tech, acoustic-absorbing, light-filled media room, concealed laundry, toilet, storage and garage; functional and fun.  The extension has been carved into the sloping corner block and orientated north east to allow for an expansive, cross-ventilated structure. Single-level, it contains the open plan kitchen, dining, living and outdoor entertaining area complete with pool. Bellwood is committed to connecting the design and manufacturing process with the end-user. The studio collaborates with industrial designers (including the award-winning Chris Hardy) and manufacturers (such as Bellwood Kitchens) on detailed bespoke interior design projects allowing consideration of inhabited spaces at a macro (holistic concept) level, as well as from a micro (detailed product development) perspective.

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