Design: O'Connor and Houle / Botanical Traditions / Photography: Nicole England / As each area of the garden is required to remain fully functional at dusk and after dark, lighting played a key role in its design. Each individual zone is illuminated to highlight architectural features and the carefully selected planting of each space. Main pathways were illuminated with either washes of light or uplighting from small inground fixtures. The selection and the positioning of the lighting was carefully considered. Keeping in mind the inner-city location, fixtures with low-line illumination were selected to reduce light spill and restraint was used to ensure that the zones were not over-lit creating a moody ambiance after dark. // Products Featured: Delta Light Logic 60 R Inground Wallwashers / Platek Micro Full Inox Ingrounds / Platek Nano Floodlight / Platek Nano XXL Floodlight

SANCTUARY GARDEN - Sanctuary_02_WEB.jpg SANCTUARY GARDEN - Sanctuary_03_WEB.jpg SANCTUARY GARDEN - Sanctuary_04_WEB.jpg SANCTUARY GARDEN - Sanctuary_05_WEB.jpg SANCTUARY GARDEN - Sanctuary_06_WEB.jpg SANCTUARY GARDEN - Sanctuary_07_WEB.jpg

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