Interior Architect: Christopher Elliott Design - // Builder: Concept Build //Photographer: Jack Lovel // Christopher Elliott - “A challenging aspect of this project was to create a design language to bridge the historical Victorian era of the house with a contemporary renovation. Thankfully, the client was brave and allowed us to juxtapose these seemingly contrasting elements. Resulting, in a beautifully crafted interior that both; highlights the historical features of the original house, and harmonises the modern treatments used throughout.”

PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21862-2-WEB.jpg PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21799-WEB.jpg PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21677-2-WEB.jpg PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21773-WEB.jpg PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21697-WEB.jpg PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21592-WEB.jpg PRINCES HILL RESIDENCE - CB_Bowen_20170331_21617-WEB.jpg

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