Architect: Lai Cheong Brown // Photography: Jaime Diaz-Berrio // Project Overview: The design embraces the rugged beauty of the island, capturing the views out to Bass Strait and across to Phillip Island, while addressing the many challenges of such a wild environment. One of those challenges was the sweeping winds from the seaward side. The response was a courtyard model, rather then a traditional verandah, creating an outdoor space protected from the wind. Designed with robust materials like new steel and clad in Australian Hardwood, the farmhouse sits above the ground to make the most of the 270 degrees of views that look out to sea, along the bay and across the rolling pastures of French Island. Platek exterior fittings were used on the project, selected for quality and ability to withstand the harsh environment. // Products Featured: Platek Nano Stainless Steel Inground / Platek Nano Stainless Steel Downlight / Platek Mini One Wall Light / Delta Light Microline 30+ Profile / INLITE Ledstarr Downlight + Sunset Dim LED Module.

FRENCH ISLAND FARMHOUSE - French-Island-Proj-05.jpg FRENCH ISLAND FARMHOUSE - French-Island-Proj-04.jpg FRENCH ISLAND FARMHOUSE - French-Island-Proj-01.jpg FRENCH ISLAND FARMHOUSE - French-Island-Proj-02.jpg FRENCH ISLAND FARMHOUSE - French-Island-Proj-03.jpg

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