Architect: Palassis Architects // Photography: Bo Wong // “Since 2007 Palassis Architects has been responsible for the provision of expert heritage and architectural design services to the Anglican Diocese on a number of projects within the Cathedral Precinct in Perth. The Precinct incorporates St George’s Cathedral (1881-88), Burt Memorial Hall (1917) and The Deanery (1859). Our core services have included the completion of a precinct Master plan; design, documentation and contract administration of a number of staged exterior and interior conservation works and services installation projects to all three heritage buildings; design, documentation and contract administration of a landscape upgrade for the Cathedral forecourt; and more recently the design and documentation of a new Cathedral Song School building, construction of which should commence in mid 2015. The Song School is a new, two storey concrete and glass building, to service the choir of St George’s Cathedral and the Anglican Diocese of Perth. The building is partly subterranean, and located to the north of Burt Hall, with direct access to the lower level hall, with the main entrance accessible from the plaza level. The Song School’s design is inspired by the Cathedral lancet windows, whilst the transparency of the glazed structure ensures that important view lines towards the Ascalon sculpture are preserved.  Locating the Song School partially underground minimises the buildings footprint, and ensures that existing sight lines are maintained.” – Palassis Architects – //Products Featured:Klus Lipod + Lokom Profiles

SONG SCHOOL - Song School_04_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_20_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_03_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_05_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_10_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_11_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_18_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_19_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_14_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_15_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_07_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_08_WEB.jpg SONG SCHOOL - Song School_09_WEB.jpg

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