Design: Actus Associates / Photography: D-Max Photography, Joel Barbitta / In keeping with Prindiville Hall's contemporary interior, modern and minimal fixtures finished in black and white were selected. The first floor features fixtures with playful curved and circular designs. Cylindrical pendants were utilised to provide general illumination whilst integrated fittings equipped with both lighting and acoustic elements were selected to help absorb sound while providing task lighting. Large circular pendants featuring microprismatic diffusers were suspended above desk areas illuminating the surface with uniform low-glare lighting. The ground floor features adjustable track lighting for general illumination along with a combination of surface mounted downlights and wall lights for reading in the library nook. As Prindiville Hall is an education facility, high-quality illumination is important, therefore all fixtures excluding the reading lights are 3000K in colour temperature and have a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of >90. // Products Featured: Klus MICRO-ALU Profile / Prandina Novia W1 / Ivela Microperfetto LKM

PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_02_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_12_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_03_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_04_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_05_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_06_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_07_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_08_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_09_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_10_WEB.jpg PRINDIVILLE HALL - Prindiville_11_WEB.jpg

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