The new facility provides a strong identity for ANSTO Minerals, capturing some of the drama found in the landscape and climate of Australia's Northern Territory where ANSTO's mining and minerals processing customers are located. The translucent orange screen wrapping around the outside of the new building forms the dominant architectural element, provides sunshade during the day and plays with the semi transparency during the night. Depending on the viewing angle and time of the day the screen changes from a solid appearance to a permeable skin. The characteristics of the different materials used, from off-form concrete to timber, is enhanced through the intelligent use of natural and artificial lighting. The play with light and materials creates internal spaces with differing characteristics and drama. A walk through the buildings becomes an experience with changing room proportions, view lines and lighting levels. The concept for this project used light fittings supporting the functionality of the laboratory and office areas, enhancing the detail of the break-out spaces and architectural futures like the bridge link and stair case. - Marc Dierschke, DJRD

ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-007.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-009.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-016.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-021.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-024.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-028.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-051.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-065.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-067.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-073.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-076.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-077.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-078.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-079.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-082.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-087.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-089.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-090.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-094.jpg ANSTO MINERALS - ansto-minerals-098.jpg

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