"To accommodate the rapid growth of the business, Finder chose to take over the remainder of their floor and engaged PMG to create the perfect design solution that encapsulates the business’s core identity. The Finder “crew”sought more meeting spaces that fostered collaboration, technology and creativity. The newly refurbished built environment needed to translate the passion and strong mantra shared by the co-founders. “We are launching a rocket ship into space and want to empower our crew to feel and be a part of this vision.” The ultra “space-o-teric” theme has come to life at the new office!! Stepping out of the lift and into the common lobby you get an immediate taste of the strong Finder identity. The over sized astronaut graphic points visitors and staff to Finder’s entry door. On pressing the alert button, as you wait to be greeted, intrigue and excitement are building as you see glimpses of the Star Trek inspired airlock. Angled walls, high gloss panelling, LED lighting, moon-like concrete flooring and a midnight blue ceiling all come together to create a very special first impression." - PMG GROUP - //Products Featured: Klus PDS4 Mini Profile with Delta Light Ledflex HP 4000K

FINDER OFFICE YORK STREET - PMG-Finder-14218_12463.jpg FINDER OFFICE YORK STREET - PMG-Finder-14218_12470.jpg

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