The CAS, the Centre for Accelerator Science, is part of ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation) located in Lucas Heights about 30 km south of Sydneys CBD. The CAS compromises two new buildings adjacent to the existing facilities and is an initiative of the Australian Government built as part of the Super Science Initiatives and financed from the Education Investment Fund. The two buildings are shaped by their internal functions. One is housing the Uranium and Thorium Series Laboratories, the Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Chemistry Facility. The second building is dominated by its large Accelerator hall with a 1MV and 6MV accelerator associated with workshop and laboratories. The reduced architectural language provides a clear identity for the CAS and stands out in the mixture of existing building styles at ANSTO. The external appearance of the two buildings is characterised by two very different and contrasting materials: sand coloured terracotta tiles and cortain steel panels. Different as they are in their appearance both materials are born from elements of our planet: clay minerals and iron. This can be seen as a metaphor to the work of the Institute for Environmental Research inside these buildings. Areas of research are including functional materials interfaces, human activity, climate variability and environmental pathways. Atria and a "flying" roof connecting both buildings. This is supported by large circular lights which seem to be floating in these spaces leading into the large accelerator hall with an observation platform. From the platform visitors can visually participate in the research and science being conducted. Over the course of any day, the facade and internal atrium change their character following the movement of the sun. In contrast to the varying lighting levels in these areas the research laboratories and offices are designed to maximise the access to natural light. To provide the higher lighting level required for specific research tasks efficient LED lights are fitted throughout the facility. - Marc Dierschke – Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke

ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-004.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-016.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-023.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-029.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-037.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-046.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-054.jpg ANSTO MINERALS CAS - ansto-cas-062.jpg

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