Design: Hassell Studio / Lighting Design: NDYLIGHT / Photography: Tom Blachford / Parallax Photography / NDYLIGHT's design for Transurban HQ makes a dramatic statement from when you first enter. The foyer’s industrial material palette combined with the interactive graphics is further enhanced by the bold lighting design which plays off contrast. The greenery and reception desk have been highlighted, accentuating the vibrant colours of the plants, while the surrounding space is dark in contrast, creating drama within the foyer and making for an eye-catching entrance. This contrast between light and dark is used throughout the office lighting design with lighter more airy collaborative spaces contrasting with darker lounge areas creating a dynamic transition between different work spaces. Complementing the aesthetic and curved architectural elements of the interior, the selection of spherical and cylindrical fixtures mimic the curves of the circular staircase voids and the winding glass wall pathways. Over 100 circular Supernova's in varying sizes are suspended and surface mounted throughout the space delivering even and diffused illumination. Located within a building wrapped in glass, Transurban HQ's perimeters are filled with natural light facilitating the growth and overall health of the abundance of greenery planted throughout. Planting located in central areas is illuminated from top and below highlighting the greenery while also providing light required for the plants to thrive. // Products Featured: Delta Light Kix Pin / Inlite Cardan S Downlight / Inlite Tube Starr Downlight / Delta Light Supernova Line 125 Down-Up / Prandina Lin W1 Wall Light / Delta Light Supernova Line 125/95

TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_02_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_03_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_04_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_05_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_06_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_07_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_08_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_09_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_10_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_11_WEB.jpg TRANSURBAN HQ - Transurban_12_WEB.jpg

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