Architect: Carr Design Group // Photographer: Nicole England // Carr Design Group - 'Carr was engaged to enhance the street presence and arrival sequence of 215 Spring Street, befitting its status as one of Melbourne’s leading commercial buildings. The entry canopy and double storey glass facade was redesigned as a new frontage to the building, bringing greater levels of light, thermal and environmental performance to the foyer space whilst also establishing a sophisticated architectural identity for the building. Internally the foyer has been refurbished as an elegant arrival space for tenants and visitors alike. The double storey void is celebrated via a series of mirrored panels that wrap the lobby columns and reflect the canopy and Spring Street beyond.' // Products Featured: Delta Light Endless 30+ profile (installed over the reception desk) // Ivela Dixit LED downlights, in three beam angles (installed in the high areas of the ceiling) // Delta Light iMax downlights (installed above artwork) // Inlite LED Starr downlights with Hero engines and Inlite CS02 profile with Delta Light Ledflex (installed in the lift lobby beyond foyer).

215 SPRING STREET MELBOURNE - Spring-3652-web.jpg 215 SPRING STREET MELBOURNE - Spring-3655-web.jpg 215 SPRING STREET MELBOURNE - Spring-3507-web.jpg 215 SPRING STREET MELBOURNE - Spring-3674-web.jpg

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