Delta Light Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition


The wait is finally over! Delta Light have launched their much anticipated Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition jam-packed full of exciting new collections and inspiring project photography!

“2019 is our Anniversary year! As the Delta Light adventure was lit 30 years ago, we want to honour our 30th anniversary with a special edition of The Lighting Bible: The Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition.

This book consists of no less than 1184 pages, many new product references, technical information, hundreds of inspiring project photos and reflects exactly what Delta Light has stood for over 30 years: quality, innovation, reliability and user-friendliness. This reference book is the embodiment of our craftsmanship in bringing you Pure Lighting Pleasure and the complete tool to work out your projects.

In the intro of The Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition you will find “things to see”, which summarizes the highlights and the most remarkable innovations in the catalogue … Discover among other things brand new dynamic beam shaping lenses, enabling you to control your illumination beam and create scenes from your mobile device. The offer of magnetic lighting solutions is extended, and upgraded with presence and daylight detection sensors, allowing you to control the luminaires without extra manual action needed.

The Lighting Bible has built its name as a tool of inspiration for both professionals and end users, we hope to inspire you with our global portfolio of high-end projects, ranging from residential to retail, offices, showrooms, hospitality and public buildings.” – Delta Light

The question is, have you downloaded your copy yet? Click the link below to receive your online copy today!

Lighting Bible Anniversary Edition

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